Asana - A cool way to manage your team

You are working on a project with a great team but you simply don't know who is doing what due to lack of communication!! This can happen but there are quite a lot websites and apps to solve this problem and keep track of everyone's work. From such apps, Asana is one of our favourite.

So why use Asana? Well, it is availble on PC as well as phones. This gives advantage to PC users. Asana is slick and manages all our project data in cloud so there's no fear of loosing your data. Asana is simplified and easy to use.


In Asana, you can create projects and invite your teammates. You can assign a specific task to specific teammate and also give him deadline to complete it. You can have conversation on various tasks and projects. All in all, you get know what is happening in your project while simplifying all the teamwork.

So guys try out Asana and have fun working in a team.

To download Asana on Android go to PLAY STORE
Or you can use Asana on PC by Going to -  Asana.com

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