Peppermint 7 Respin released

Peppermint is a Lubuntu based,very light on hardware but lightining fast Linux Distribution.This cloud and web-application based Distribution got new release,Peppermint 7 Respin.Peppermint team has made an announcement about the release of Peppermint 7 Respin.
Peppermint Monitor screen
On one side many Linux Distributions are ending the support to 32-bit support ,there Peppermint 7 Respin is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit.

What's new and Updated?
Most of the things are updated to their most latest versions and apart from that Peppermint 7 Respin is coming with one of the most stable Kernel,Linux Kernel 4.4.0-47 build.
Multimedia Function keys are now working fine and Google Chrome keyring is also fixed.
hplip has been added for the support of Hp Printers.It is also said that Grub has a new backround and also new desktop wallpaper has been added.
There are some more newly added things that you can find in the announcement or else you may get this latest release on your system.

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