BlackArch Linux 2016.12.20 released with 100 new tools

BlackArch, the Arch Linux based distribution, focused on maintaining and bringing a great workplace for Pen-Testers and Security Researchers.
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As BlackArch is based on Arch Linux, as everyone knows Arch Linux is no joke at all. So, it gives a good competition to other Distros like Kali Linux based on Debian.
Just some hours back BlackArch team announced the new release of ArchLinux 2016.12.20. With this new release more new tools and updated list of packages with updated system files are welcomed as well.
What's New In BlackArch Linux 2016.12.20?
Talking about the basic update what any new release must have, a fully updated list of tools and packages.With updated list of tools, BlackArch Linux made 100 new tools packed with this powerhouse, making over 1600+ tools in here.
Linux Kernel 4.8.13 has been added, which is of course not the latest out there but surely a stable and recent release giving a good stability and security base to BlackArch Linux.
Some fixes are made in the shutdown/reboot issues rising under lxdm.

If you want to try something powerful with a big list of tools pre-provided, then BlackLinux worth space on your PC machine. One could also find BlackLinux better alternative of Kali Linux.
Get the Latest BlackArch Linux From Here.

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