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How to install Synapse launcher in Manjaro Linux?

If you are using unity or gnome desktop environment then you already know bash feature, which gives quick assess to lots of things. But on other desktop environments, this function is somewhat missing. To fill this gap we can use a good looking launcher named Synapse. It is not only good looking but also lightweight. It works similar to bash in unity. It is available for Debian-based distro such as Ubuntu, but it is also available for Arch based distro too.
How to use and install Synapse in Manjaro Linux which is based on Arch?
The easiest way to install Synapse in Manjaro is by using octopi. Simply launch octopi and search for Synapse in the search box. You will get a result, right click and select install and let the process complete. There are optional plugins for Synapse too, it will prompt during installation. Voila, you have Synapse in your Manjaro system.
octopi in Manjaro Linux 16.10.3

octopi in Manjaro Linux 16.10.3
Done With Installing Synapse? Here's How It Works and Looks!
By default, Synapse has ctrl+space as launch button. By pressing this combo Synapse will activate and will be ready to use. All you have to do is type in what you want to search. It can be application, music, contacts, anything you want and Synapse will do it's best to help you out.
Synapse in Manjaro Linux 16.10.3

Synapse in Manjaro Linux 16.10.3
Let's Customize Synapse A Bit!
Synapse also has customization options, one can change the look and feel of Synapse. Click on the transparentish dot on the top right corner to open the hidden menu for preferences. Once inside preferences menu, you change various setting of Synapse including themes, shortcuts, plugins, etc. Synapse also have plenty of plugins to choose from, this adds more options to customization and user friendly nature of launcher.
Synapse in Manjaro Linux 16.10.3

Synapse in Manjaro Linux 16.10.3
So in short, Synapse does nothing but saves your time. It gives quick access to many things at single place. So, why not give it a try? Install it in your Arch-based systems like Manjaro or Apricity OS and feel the quick serge of power :P
We will be back with more utilities to ease your life with Linux, so make sure to stay tuned with us. And as always, have fun with Linux.
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