AryaLinux 2017 is now available for public

AryaLinux is an Indian Linux distribution which is made using Linux From Scratch guide. This distribution uses alps as package management. Few hours ago Arya team released AryaLinux 2017 in Xfce and MATE editions. There are various changes made in this release and lots of new updates are included too.

According to official announcement, AryaLinux will be released in 64-bit only from now on. So guys if you want to test this distro then you better have newer hardware. Linux kernel is updated to 4.9. Mate is now updated to 1.17. LibroOffice is updates to 5.2.3. Simple screen recorder is returned with Qt5. Parole and Exaile are made default media and audio player respectively.

Moreover, AryaLinux also provide build scripts to create your own ISO from the source code. Build scripts can now build whole KDE and Gnome desktop environment from source code. There is also a separate builder disk released for custom build purpose. The builder script makes the process of build straight forward, only one script needs to be run and the whole system would be built without any hassle. Build scripts can create ISO files and make stage-wise backups when needed and specified. Configuring the kernel can be done while building.

The package management, alps brought new features in this release. It can now build packages from source tarball or source URL. Alps now make sure that you are installing latest packages by using updatescript. Complete list of available packages and installed package can now be seen using new command in alps. All the package updates can now be done via alps.

These are some of the changes that were highlighted. But you can find lots of other features and changes when you try out this distribution.

To download AryaLinux - CLICK HERE.

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