Importance of Linux as daily driver

Hi guys, its been quite a time we haven't talked about some random things related to Linux world. We have been constantly giving news and reviews on different distributions and applications. So today we will just sit back, relax and talk about how Linux can be our best friend and be useful to us in our day to day life.

  • Dont Want to leave Windows? 

    We know you love your Windows system so much, we also love ours. We never encourage anyone to leave their existing operating system and getting out of your comfort zone. There is a thing called virtualbox, where you can use different operating system without disturbing your existing system. You can always try Linux in VM and if you feel it comfortable, then you can just make it your primary OS or you can also make it secondary OS via dual boot. 
  • What is Linux useful for? 

    So what you can do with Linux? Pretty much everything you do with Windows. Now don't say 'can we play Overwatch in Linux?', that would be difficult for now. You can do all the important and non-important daily tasks with Linux. You can listen music , browse internet, fetch your mails, play games, perform more high level tasks, etc. 
  • What About Security?

    Don't worry, Linux is way more secure than you think it is. Unlike Windows, Linux provide much more secure and virus free environment to work on. Due to less users of Linux, may be virus creator don't think it is useful to create virus for Linux or they just can't. Apart from viruses, Linux takes security very seriously.
  • The Misconception.

    Many people think, a Linux user is like a god level hacker or a big geek. But seriously this is not true always. One of our team member uses Linux just to do daily stuff while other one is geek :P Linux is very user friendly nowadays, it offers most of the stuff need for daily things prebuilt in system. Many times a user don't even need to install external applications for their need. 
  • Is it even beautiful?

    Linux is beautiful. Don't think there is only letters and numbers. Linux distributions are much more developed now. They can offer you the beauty you always wished for. Distributions like Elementary OS, Linux Deepin, Manjaro Linux, Solus, etc can make you mesmerize in the beauty they offer. There is also an option of customization and different desktop environment to choose from.
  • I am the Office guy!

    Oh, you are a office guy and need to do all your office work on PC. Don't worry, Linux got you all covered. There are different choices of office suites to choose from. You can use most famous Libreoffice, Openoffice, King officesuite, etc to do all your office work. These suites also have Microsoft office compatibility so you can resume your work in office or in home. 
  • Now i am a Studio freak!

    You are interested in Multimedia stuff? Sure go on, you have lots of multimedia applications to use. There are many music and media players, There are various editors and pro level studio tools available like Gimp, Lightworks, Darktable, Inkscape, etc. All this stuff is free of cost. 
Now just don't keep reading this post, try Linux. There are many distributions that offers newbie friendly environment for those who are much familiar to Windows. First of all try it in VM so you don't have to worry about your existing system. After that just dual boot or replace or do whatever you want with the system. There are plenty of  'how to install' tutorials on this site to take reference from. There is a festival going on in our city so we are going to participate while you guys can have fun with Linux.

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