AntiX 17 alpha2 is out for testing

AntiX is Debian based Linux distribution. It is originated in Greece and lightweight distribution. AntiX is especially designed for old systems to provide lightweight but fully functional environment to work on. Few hours ago developer team released AntiX 17 alpha2 for testing purpose. there are many changes made in this release.

According to official announcement, there is a custom AntiX kernel based on 4.9.6. The installation media is available for both 32 bit and 64 bit systems. Live kernel updater and live usb maker included. The installation will now be done by cli-installer. Currently only MBR scheme is supported for installation of grub.
What's on the iso?
  • New! 4.9.6 custom antiX kernel and headers (not libre)
  • cli-installer
  • antiX live system and persistence
  • cli remastering
  • live-kernel-updater
  • live-usb-maker
  • nano for editing
  • rsync
  • eudev - let me know how well this works
  • sysvinit as init default. No systemd or libsystemd0
  • gettext-base, lockfile-progs, xz-utils, (bugfix)
  • console-date and lsb-release will get installed during the installation stage (bugfix)
  • libudev1 and libudev-dev to avoid dependency issues after installation since we ship with eudev
Well, AntiX is not only a lightweight distro but it is also lightweight in size. It is only 150mb in size. So guys if you want to help the developers then try and test the latest alpha of AntiX.

To download click here.

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