Manjaro Linux 17.0 beta 3 released in KDE flavor

Not long ago Developer team behind Manjaro Linux released second beta of version 17.0 code named 'Gellivara'. Few hours ago Manjaro team released third beta of 17.0. This release comes with many fixes and changes as well as new features.This release is in KDE flavor while Xfce flavor is been also released in beta 3.

According to official sources, Linux kernel is been updated to 4.9 LTS. Xorg-stack is also updated to 1.19. All the themes are updated to work with latest version on Manjaro. EFI installation process is been improved and fixed. KDE Plasma is updated to 5.9.1, KDE Apps are updated to 16.12.2. Manjaro Hello is updated to 0.4.10. Fixed Xorg-server crashes. Meta is still on 13.0.4 as it was on beta 2. Various changes are made in partitions and netinstall process.
So what will be the features of the new release series:
  • We updated the stock kernel to linux49 4.9 LTS - Done with Alpha1
  • We will update the Xorg-Stack to v1.19 series - Done with Beta1
  • We will enhance and improve Luks and LVM support in CAL - Partly done with CAL v3.0
  • We will enhance and improve our Manjaro Tools & Profiles - Ongoing within v0.14 branch
  • We will enhance and improve our MHWD and MSM - Almost completed for Xorg 1.19
  • We will update our themes - Done with Beta3
Changes since Beta2 release:
  • Plasma 5.9.1
  • KDE Apps 16.12.2
  • VLC Nightly added
  • Manjaro Hello 0.4.10
  • Fixed some crashing issues with Xorg-Server
  • [CAL] partition: use always double click to activate a partition tree view item
  • [CAL] netinstall: moved module to a tree based UI
  • [CAL] welcome: Add fallback check for internet connection
  • [CAL] partition: Don't hardcode /dev/sd* as device path.
  • [CAL] packages: Make try_{install,remove} more robust.
With the release of third beta, final version of Manjaro 17.0 is coming closer and closer. While many of us would stick to stable releases, there are also some people who want to try out it as early as possible. Try out the latest beta if you want to help developers or experience new features beforehand of final release.

To download click here.

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