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Existance and influence of Linux in daily life

Hi guys, just when you think that you never used Linux in your life and are proud of it then I am sorry to disappoint you (psst I won't tell anybody). Everybody used Linux in day to day life, until and unless you are an Eskimo living in Tundra without any technology or Jarawa living in Andaman. Linux made it's impact almost everywhere. Many features you see in commercial OS are actually derived from Linux community. Linux distributions like Fedora is known for their bleeding edge nature and new inventions.

  • The Normal Level
Almost all of us uses mobile phones, many of us uses an Android phone. Well, Android OS is also based on Linux kernel. Why only phones? Many televisions, digital music players other application using machines also uses Linux core. You use internet? (ofcourse you do, how else you are supposed to read this article?) Many website we visit daily are backed by powerful Linux based servers.

  • The Professional Level
Many of your important works are done on Linux, some of them also includes financial works. Many banks or insurance companies uses Linux to power their systems. Many companies also use Linux as their primary OS for all works. Educational institutes uses Linux system to operate all PC in campus. Even Tianhe-2, the fastest super computer in world also uses Linux. Most of super computers uses Linux. Large databases are maintained on Linux based systems.

  • Conclusion
So why this happening? It is because the flexibility Linux offers. Level of customization and ease of development makes it a better choice which comes with epic security. We haven't mentioned all the uses of Linux but we covered some important and known factors we get to see in day to day life and on professional level.
  • The purpose of this post?
This post wasn't to brag about Linux, but this post sure can give you one more reason to use Linux. So guys explore the wonderful world of Linux. It sure can give lots of different things to try and feel. But what matters the most is you guys having fun with Linux.
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