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KDE Plasma 5.9.1 BugFix update released

KDE Plasma Desktop, a very feature rich Linux Desktop Environment(DE), I would say one of its kind. Recently, around 8 days before KDE team has announced the release of their new build KDE Plasma 5.9 and as said earlier features are always the main attractions, KDE Plasma 5.9 was focused on leveling up the productivity and they did so by allowing users to give interaction facility with the Notification flashes and more, they are called Interactive Notification Previews.
KDE Plasma 5.9
Well, Many new things came in and the comeback of Global Menus, but many users and developers came to see some minor and some markable fix-needy places, and here is the KDE team with the very first point release of KDE Plasma 5.9, i.e KDE Plasma Desktop 5.9.1.
What's Fixed in here?
Breeze, Plasma Addons, KScreen, Kwin, Plasma Desktop Audio Volume Control, KDE workspaces have found a line in fixed listing. You may check the full Changelog to get more information.
If you have upgraded to KDE Plasma 5.9 then you must update it to the latest version to get bug-fixes.
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