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Xtreme download manager for ubuntu and other derivatives

People who shift from windows to Linux often wonder if there is any download manager in Linux, just like there was IDM in windows. For such people, there is an alternative to IDM called XDM. This download manager has many features that are there in IDM. XDM is based on Java, it has pause and resume capability of downloads. It also has browser integration. To install XDM in your Ubuntu based system, you just have to hit the terminal and type in below commands.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/apps        
sudo apt-get update        
sudo apt-get install xdman
XDM for ubuntu

 So guys, why not give it a try. We personally use it and works like a charm. Happy downloading.


Basic terminal commands in Ubuntu for beginners PART 2

Hello my friends,

We were out for some fun in festival, but we are back now. today we will be continuing the basic terminal commands in ubuntu. Hope you guys are already playing around with Ubuntu. So let's begin.

You are connected to internet but you don't know your network information (what's this supposed to mean?) well you can check it in terminal by typing :
By typing this in terminal, your network information will be shown right below it.

In the same fashion wanna check your wireless information? Simple just type in :
Well sometimes we need to scan for wireless networks (especially for neighbor's wifi :P) for that type in :
sudo iwlist scan  
and it will scan for all the available wireless networks.


Basic terminal commands in Ubuntu for beginers

Hello everyone,

Today we are here with major basics. May be one will say "basics? seriously? I am expert of computers" and blah blah blah. But basics are important factor in everything. We just can't go advanced mode without any knowledge of basics. So here we are telling few basic terminal things which are very useful for noobs and experts too (consider it as a revision).

How to open Terminal? ohh it's just too difficult. In ubuntu press ctrl+alt+T and terminal window will be there (alternatively you can open it from applications menu). Let's say you wanna go in root mode so what we gonna do is open terminal and type in:
sudo su
then it will ask for your password and you will have access as root user.

Again if you wanna change your password (ofcource when you know your current password) just type in terminal :
It will ask you too type in your current password and new password and you are set to go.

Wanna make a folder in your files system? you can easily do it via nautilus file manager but you can also do it from terminal by typing following :
mkdir /home/username/new_folder
Where mkdir is command from making new folder, username is your pc name (like john, jj, dude, smith, Czechoslovakia, etc, etc), new_folder can be any name of the folder.

 When you can create folder, then of course you can destroy them too. Nautilus is again the best option but why not play with terminal.
rm -rf /home/username/folder_name
Beware of this command. One wrong move in this thing and you can loose your porn folder. I know it is very serious to loose porn folder but it would be worse if you loose your whole system (including the porn folder :P). This command will delete the folder and it's sub-folders if specified correctly. by any chance if you typed  rm -rf /    then just say bye bye to whole system. (we strongly suggest you to use nautilus for deleting folders.)

Now how about copying a folder or file to other place. You can do it in terminal by typing :
cp source destination
Let's take an example we want to copy an image.png file from /home/pictures folder to /home/documents folder then we can do it by :
cp /home/pictures/image.png /home/documents/
Now, you want to install some software via terminal but you just can't find package even after typing proper command then you need to refresh your available repositories by typing :
sudo apt-get update
This command will completely update your repositories so any further package installations will done smoothly.

There are upgrades to all your package or some of your packages, though in ubuntu you will be notified by software updater. But why not do it through teminal :
sudo apt-get upgrade


How to Install Ubuntu Trusty Tahr along with Windows OS (Dual Booting)

Hello Friends..!!!
           Today we are here to learn how to do a dual boot means two OS in same PC. We are going to learn how to dual boot Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr along with Windows OS. 

Okay, there are some basic requirements. First of all we will need a PC. Then ISO file of Ubuntu Trusty Tahr, you can get it from here. After you got the ISO, you have to make a bootable DVD or USB. We have also explained How to create a bootable USB? and we recommend you to make a partition from Windows that can be used to install Ubuntu.

After we got the above things, we are all set to go. Now let's fire up the PC and tweak the boot loader to read from USB or DVD you just created. once we did this, the installer of Ubuntu will pop up.

1. As you can see in below screen snap the installer of Ubuntu is opened up. There are few basic requirements that should be completed and don't forget to check on Third party MP3 plugin. Now let's continue to next step.

2. Now as per below screenshot my Ubuntu installer not detecting the Windows 8 OS but it's there. You can choose the option

“Install Ubuntu along with Windows” to reduce the pain of partitioning, etc. But we not 100% sure about this method. So will be explaining in more detail how it works. Check on “Something else” and proceed to next step.

3. WARNING: Now as you can see in below screensnap, I have marked where exactly my windows is located. We don't have to touch those drives otherwise say bye-bye to Windows OS. 

4. Now we didn't touch the Windows drives, let's move to other normal drive. And let me remind you once again keep A data back up of the drive in which we gonna install Ubuntu. Now after this we need to delete that partition by clicking on '-' sign or if you have already made a partition from windows then follow the same to delete it.


5. Now we got the free space, we have to create a new partition from that free space by clicking the '+' icon. After that a new window will pop up. We have to leave around 2gb free space and create a partition from remaining space. Choose disk as primary partition. The file system must be EXT4, as maximum Linux distro supports this file system. And in the end there's the mount point, make sure to select only '/' from the options. Don't choose any other mount point.


6. Now we have created a partition for installing Ubuntu Trusty Tahr. If I remember properly then we have left around 2gb of free space in previous step. We gonna use that 2gb space to create a new partition. We gonna use the file system as Swap area, as the swap area will help in painless installation and keep away the troubles.

7. Here comes the most tricky step. Many user (even I in the beginning) mess up here. We have to choose the proper position for the boot loader i.e. Grub. Remember as for the beginners we shouldn't mess up here because it can brick your system. We have to select the whole HDD means the root of the HDD (/dev/sda) as the place for boot loader. It's the first option and by default selected. So don't mess with it.

                             After the above steps completed, the tricky and hard part is finished. You will proceed to select your location, preferred language, Set up username and password. After this the installer will automatically install Ubuntu Trusty Tahr in your PC. Now you are just a restart away from using the newly installed Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr.
Follow the processes properly as any mistake may cause major problems, so if you are confused or having problem then comment below.
Make sure you give us a like :) and comment below!


How to Install Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr?

Hey guys,
So Today we are going to show you “How to Install Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr?”

How to Install Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr in your PC?

We are here to Guide you with processes as easy as possible. First of all you will need to download Ubuntu Trusty Tahr from Here

Then you have to create a bootable DVD or a bootable USB from “Downloaded .ISO Image File”.
  • We have already explained you how to create a bootable USB check it here.
                            Now once we are ready with our bootable USB or DVD, we gonna play with our PC a bit. Now restart your PC and while it's restarting step in your BIOS. Once you are into BIOS, select your primary booting device as your USB or DVD (whichever bootable media you have created) and save. Let the system boot and it will automatically take you to the Linux distro installer.

(As for now we are showing you how to install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. But this procedure is almost same for most of the Linux distros.)
TIP:Click on the image to Enlarge

1. Select your preferred language and click on continue to proceed.

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