Friendly app on iOS : Get connected without worrying about phone space

Hi, fellow iPhone users, you have a great device right there in your hand but sometimes it lacks space to do certain things. While it is not a problem on newer devices but people still using iPhone 5 - 6S have this issue. You want to stay connected to social media but some apps like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram takes too much space due to their huge app size and the cache they produce. Well, how about all these 4 services in one app with negligible app size and much more added features? You heard it right!!
 Friendly helps you to stay connected with all these social websites and its app size is just about 35 MB. Still not getting excited?? Well then, let's see below some of the more features it offers.

Friendly on iOS 11.2.2Friendly on iOS 11.2.2

Friendly lets you use multiple accounts in one single app. More on it you can switch between them very easily. You can use 5 different Facebook accounts (if you have that much). You can have different color accent for multiple accounts.
Friendly on iOS 11.2.2
In Friendly, you get more features like,
  • Night mode to ease your eyes in dark.
  • Ad blocker which removes useless suggestions and annoying ads.
  • Passcode lock, you can set up a various passcode for multiple accounts.
  • Order your Facebook feed by most recent.
  • Download photos and videos directly to your device.
Well, we have few reasons to try out Friendly. So give it a go and see the change it brings. While free version offers many features, pro version enables ad blocker. We will be back with more stuff for iOS. So stay tuned and have fun with your device.


New Year Announcement

Hi there, first of all, wish you all a very happy new year.
Happy New Year 2018
We hope this year will bring lots of new things to your as well as our lives. Well, this year we decided to make some changes to our blog.

More content incoming

Considering the free time this year, post frequency will be much more improved and hopefully will be constant with low ups and downs. We decided to bring more fresh and quality content to you guys. As our main focus is on people who are new to Linux and PC, we will bring more of tutorials which once used to be the main factor of this blog. So rest assured, the reign of tutorials will rise again.

Carry Forward

We have not forgotten our new categories started last year. We are bound to stick with our previous categories 'My Views', 'Quick Tips', and 'Free BSD'. 

Something for iPhone users 

Oh yes!! we got an iPhone to play with now. Thus, we will be bringing some cool stuff for our readers who use iPhone. A new category for iOS will be added and lots of new stuff in the same category is going to make its way in.

For now, this is all we gonna announce. So let's have fun together.


Feedly : A great way to keep updated

Hi friends, there are times when you just need to keep updated with your favorite website or blog. Even though you can access them through web browser, but sometimes it's too lazy to do that. In that case there is a very nice app for Android and iOS named Feedly. Basically Feedly is like a RSS feed service for many websites and blogs.

Feedly provides many features like creating collections of your fees, sharing them with friends, sharing between teams and projects, etc. In Feedly you can search for specific website or you can just browse different topics, this app will give you lots of results related to topic. You can simply follow authors and websites you like. There are many topics and many categories you can search in this app.

Feedly also gives option to login using different social media or with your email. By creating account you can sync your collections on various devices and make it available anywhere you want.
Design of this app is very elegant and it provides cards like feed view. you just have to swipe to see next feed or next page. It also shows all the images but at the same time it maintains it's minimal design.


Feedly Also have an web client so you can simply use it on your pc too. Web client is also beautifully designed and minimal.
Feedly web
click to enlarge
In short, with Feedly you can stay updated with latest posts from your favorite blogs or websites. You can simply use it for getting news updates, learning new recipe everyday, learn to make different cocktails or just follow your favorite person over internet. Possibilities are vast and its free for you to try out with an optional pro version which has extra features.

To download Feedly - Play Store
Or Official Website


Weather Underground : Weather updates and much more

Hi guys, ever thought about getting detailed information of weather, health risks or even get a webcam view of the place you are going to travel to? Well, there is an app for android who can easily do it all for you. Weather Underground is not only givers you current weather updates of places, but also gives much detailed information of that place.

  • As any other weather app, this app also works on GPS or custom locations manually added by user. It gives all the basic information like current temperature, Maximum and minimum temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc.

  • Weather Underground Also provide forecast on daily or hourly basis. So get the idea of how the weather will be before going to that place. Forecast is also detailed and gives best possible results.
  •  Weather Underground tells you timings of sunrise and sunset. It will show you exactly how much time left for Sunset. And not only about sun, but also it shows details about moon. It tells you when next full moon is or when next new moon is.
  •  This app gives you detailed information about rain in that particular area. It tells about humidity, dew point, visibility, etc.
  •  Not only about Weather, but also it gives information about health factors. Weather Underground tells about air quality of particular area, UV index and any chances of catching flu in that particular area.
  •  Weather Underground Also provides detailed information about wind speed, Hurricane or cyclone information. If you don't believe what this app tells, then it also gives webcam view of current weather conditions in particular area. This app also gives you links to check out the news, scientific discussions about particular area.

Weather Underground is one of the most versatile app for weather updates made for android. While manually setting up locations it also gives option to connect with nearest weather station for more detailed and accurate information about weather.

To download Weather Undergroud just hit Play Store.
Or just visit wunderground.com/


Debian 9: Stretch released

The most used Linux Distribution, indirectly or directly, Debian is like a father to many big and small distros.Today Debian team announced the release of Debian Stretch, the new Debian release.This release really excites us.Wondering, Why? Find yourself by reading the full post.
Before we start, We want to thank Ian Murdock, the man without whom we must not be having the Linux as interesting as it is now to use and of course the availability of a variety of other distros based on Debian can't be ignored.

What is new in here?

  • Well starting from the very first thing that may decide whether you'll try or use new Debian or not and it is, of course, the system requirement.The new Debian Stretch has more new adds to the system support.With one new added architecture and one removal may make some difference.64-bit little endian MIPS has been added and sadly PowerPC is no more supported in Debian 9.Other than that 32-bit PC(i386) is not kicked out of the supported list, as per many other distributions dropping the support of it.ARM EABI, ARMv7, 64-bit Pc are some other supported architectures. 

  • With the release of Debian 9, Firefox and Thunderbird are making a return.Replacing the long time occupied at their places Iceweasel and Icedove are removed.
  • MariaDB is now the default MySQL variant.MariaDB 10.1 has been added to the same.Apache 2.4.25,Chromium 59.0.0371.86, GIMP 2.8.18, LibreOffice 5.2, systemd 232, Thunderbird 45.8 are some of the update packages.With the inclusion of 15346 new packages, a total of 61687 packages is in here in the Debian 9.Out of which most of the packages, about 29859 packages have been updated.
  • In Debian 9 Linux 4.9 is the base Kernel.
  • UEFI boot is now better than before, so Windows Laptops must not get any issue in installing Debian 9 on their system.
  • Debian Stretch has wide range of almost all major DEs, GNOME 3.2KDE Plasma 5.8, LXDE, MATE 1.16, Xfce 4.12
  • Xorg server doesn't require root anymore.
  • New deb.debian.org mirror has been introduced.All major to minor main archive, port archive, security archive are available in there.
We will be back with full detailed post on Debian 9 Stretch.Till then You may give it a try.

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