Best Desktop Environments part - 2

Hi buddies,

                        Welcome back again, all in all we gonna continue the desktop environments streak forward. So what we gonna see today? ummm well we gonna learn about the Desktop Environments.

So here's the deal, we gonna learn about some not well known DE today, all of them are lightweight and easy to install. We recently get to know about about some very famous, heavyweight and lightweight DEs, well if you didn't read it earlier then here it is Best desktop environment in Linux
And we also explained how to install them How to install Desktop Environments in linux? 
So today we will meet with some new DEs.
  • Openbox - openbox is one of the most simplest window manager and it is highly configurable too. It is very lightweight and it is used in many DE, especially Gnome and KDE. It is small in size and if you want a minimal desktop environment then Openbox is a good choice for you. Openbox is also included in Opensuse by default.

  • Fluxbox - Here comes another lightweight and blazing fast window manager. Fluxbox is based on Blackbox. It is easy to use and full of configurations. It is fully featured to give an amazing experience in minimal requirements. Fluxbox is is very very less resource hungry. It is recommended to use it on oldies and netbooks, it will surely rock your old system or netbook.
Linux Mint 16 running on Fluxbox

  • IceWM - Here comes another light window manager for X. This window manager is written in C++ from the scratch. It gives a good user experience and speed in minimal desktop environment. Small in size so easy to download. It can be edited in texts too so customization level is high. Netbooks with low memory and oldies are recommended to use this as it consumes very less memory and resources to give you more processing power and speed.
Linux Mint 16 running on IceWM

  • Razor-Qt - Now let's meet up with Razor-qt is a lightweight, fast DE. As per the looks it is very similar to KDE plasma workspace. Razor qt is written in Qt. Therefore it is lightweight, fast and UI is simply beautiful. Razor-Qt is in early development. Recently Razor-qt announced the merge with LXDE. These both lightweight DE worked together and an initial release of  LXQt recently on May 7th. Razor-Qt is recommended for oldies and netbook but modern high performance systems are not any exception. It works fine with any window manager like Openbox, JWN, Kwin, etc
Linux Mint 16 running on Razor-Qt

Well these are few more lightweight DE and X window managers for low spec PC and high spec pc too. Any DE you choose will bring some exciting changes in your system and give you some interesting viewpoint to newer customization. So why wait? open up your terminal and start installing.
Next time we will be back with more interesting things about DEs, So stay tuned and updated with us by subscribing us, till then, Ciao.  

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