AcetoneISO- Complete package to manage image files & cd/dvd in linux easily

Hey guys
whats going on?

So many users were asking me to cover topics related to cd/dvd and managing image files(like .iso),so i am trying to cover this part completely.
As you must have read my previous post about How to make a bootable Usb drive in Ubuntu using Unetbootin ? .
So now its time to cover something which will cover your most of need related to Image files & cd/dvd in Linux ofcours! :)

You must be thinking
How to Mount image files in ubuntu?
How to Burn cd/dvd?
And much more related to either image files(like .iso,.nrg,.mfd,.img etc.)
But this Awesome powerpack AcetoneISO doesnt ends its features just at this limit.
I would say it has replaced many softwares.
It has alot!
so without any further wastage of time,lets start!
so Here we go!

How to install AcetoneISO:
So as the conventional process goes in most of time.

Install using Ubuntu software center(For ubuntu users):So guys just rush to Ubuntu software center and in the search box type AcetoneISO and install it.

Install using synaptic package manager: So next way is so simple as the above one,just launch it and search AcetoneISO and mark it for installation and click on apply to install.

Install using Terminal:So as normally just run Terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T and type the following command: 
sudo apt-get install acetoneiso

So after installing it you are ready to use it.

Settings to be done:
So we have a list of settings to be done before use.It will just make your user experience more easy.
  • Choose your Media player:Open up file-->Options and then select your media player,which will be used when you got a media cd/dvd to play.Like i selected vlc media player from the list.
  • Choose File manager:Choose your file manager,it is important as if you will not set one then you will surely get problem in opening mounted drives and others which needs it.I am using ubuntu 14.04 and ubuntu has Nautilus as a default file manager.Choose the right one or comment below if you dont know in your Distro.
  • Choose database:So actually,i liked it too much.If you manage bunch of image files or if you have a folder especially for image files then choose that folder by doing this you will get a direct shortcut Panel of image files in the selected Database Folder.Like you can see it below in the screenshot:

Features coverage:
  • So here comes the first feature that is Mounting a image file.However we tried only .iso but i think many other image files would be supported,even according to the mannual itself.
    So as you can see '1' is the virtual drive where my .iso image file is mounted.so this how you can easily mount any supported image file.Not able to open the mounted image file?check our 'Settings to be done' part above.
  • Now next is burning a image file to cd/dvd.So we dont feel we need to tell you anything as its so easy and handy to do.
  • Yoy can easily convert various types of imge files like *.NRG,*.MDF,*.BIN,*.IMG etc. to *.ISO.
  • You can convert a Macos image file *.dmg .
  • You can easily extract the image file contents to a specified folder.
  • You can generate .iso file from a cd/dvd ,protected pc game cd/dvd,playstation 1 game.
  • You can generate a .iso file from a folder which is really needy thing.
  • You can calculate MD5-SUM and SHA-SUM.
  • You canrip a PSX game to *.bin to run it over epsxe/psx emulators.
  • If you got a big image file then you can split it in volumes/parts and also can merge the splitted one.
  • You are getting a High compression feature for image files to compress them highly in .7z format.It has two modes one is normal for normal compression and another is Ultra mode which will help to compress image files at higher compression ratio.
  • TO Encrypt or Decrypt a image file.
  • You can extract a *.rar file which is protected by password.
So the list was so long and we tried to cover the important and interesting features mostly.

We hope you liked this post and we will be right back with more posts,which will not only be helpful to you but also it will be a knowledge gaining source for sure!
See you in our next Post.

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