What is Fedora? An introduction

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We are here to continue this Distro Intro. series forward. So we will be meeting with another distribution today. Well this distro is rather widely used and famous among Linux users. We will be introduced with another giant today named Fedora.

So the question is what is Fedora?
Fedora is an Linux distro or an operating system. Fedora is sponsored by Red Hat, one of the giant in Linux industry. Fedora is a worldwide community effort to to introduce people to the world of open-source. In Fedora project people all around world works to make it better day by day. The Fedora project was established in 2003 and owned by Red Hat. 

Fedora OS contains wide range of software prebundled or available in repository for easy access  and installation. Fedora by default uses Gnome desktop environment but it also provide option to install fedora with KDE, Xfce, LXDE, Cinnamon, MATE, Sugar desktop. Fedora uses RPM package management and software can be easily found in Fedora. We can easily download and install packages using yum package manager or Gnome software which is graphical package manager. There are third party repositories too for providing software in Fedora, of which RPM Fusion is one of the most famous repositories. Fedora also provide a service named Copr which let's the users to create their own repository.

Fedora is rather very stable distro but along with the stable part, Fedora is indeed popular for it's bleeding edge nature. Fedora is known for bringing new technologies, experimenting new innovations. Fedora also provide strong security. It provides various security modules to customize and give a strong security to your PC. Fedora also works on upstream communities of Linux due to which the innovations are not only limited to Fedora but available for all the Linux distro. Fedora is kinda distro which bring new things first and then it's spread all among the other distros. Fedora is completely free and open community, you have full permission to redistribute Fedora iso to your friends or any person who is interested in using Fedora. More on it Fedora works openly and transparently, therefore encouraging and inviting people all around the world to work with Fedora project if interested. 

Fedora 20 running on Xfce desktop environment.
Fedora is also a good in support section. By asking your problems on Fedora community you will be assure to get it answered because the it will answered by community who uses Fedora. Many experts and Beginners also present in this community to make your stay better at Fedora. Fedora doesn't provide Long term support as it upgrades to new version every six months. They provide new features in every new upgrade which makes them a bleeding edge distro. But it's not a big worry as you can easily upgrade your system using FedUp. There are also branches of Fedora called Fedora spins which are created by communities and groups interested in Fedora, these spins are flavors of various categories like Education, Gaming, Music, etc. which are made specifically for respected category.

So overall Fedora is open-source, completely free of cost, redistributable, stable, secure, robust and bleeding edge operating system, which is easy to use in day to day life. Fedora brings you into the world of innovation and free things plus the strong sponsor Red Hat makes it even more better. If you are thinking to use Linux then Fedora is one of the best choice to try. So here we conclude third Segment of  "Introduction with Linux Distro" series. We will be back with another Linux distro in next segment, so stay tuned and subscribe us to keep updated. Till then, Ciao.

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