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How to install OpenSUSE 13.1?

Hello Guys,
            We are here once again with something interesting for you. We gonna explain you how to install OpenSUSE 13.1 in you PC (not dual booting it will replace windows completely). If you want to dual boot openSUSE along with windows as a dual boot then you should follow This guide.
                 So first of all we will need a PC and a iso of OpenSUSE which you can download from HERE. After you got the iso, you need to make a DVD of it or a Bootable USB. We have already explained how to make a bootable USB. Now we are all ready to start installation but first backup all of your data from hdd as this process will erase all the hdd. After that you need to reboot PC and tweak bootloader to boot from DVD or USB you created.

TIP:Click on images to zoom in.
  • Now that you have booted from DVD or USB, you will get the welcome screen of openSUSE installer. Use arrow keys to navigate on option "installation" and press enter to proceed.        

  •  Now after proceeding from first step you will get options for selecting language and keyboard layout. Choose your preferred language and layout. Read the license agreement and click on next to proceed.
  •  The you will have options for installing openSUSE and repairing you existing openSUSE. Choose new installation and check on option auto configuration then click on next to proceed.
  •  After that you will reach the DE selection screen. As you can see there's Gnome, KDE, Xfce, LXDE are already included in openSUSE. you can choose any one of these and click on next to proceed.
  •  After that the partition page opens. As we are learning how to install openSUSE without any other OS in PC so we will go with automatically suggested partitioning as below. This will erase all your data and create new partitions. Click on next after you done here.
  • On the next page you will be asked to set up your user account. Choose your username and an unbreakable password. Uncheck the automatic login box and click on next.
  • After that you will be shown complete summary of your installation process. Read it properly and if you are satisfied with it then click on install to start installation.
  • After that installation starts. All we have to do is wait until its done installing and after completion just reboot your PC, tweak your bootloader to boot from hdd.

  •  After the reboot you will be seeing the welcome screen of openSUSE 13.1 choose the first option and press enter.
  •  After that a one time automatic configuration wizard runs. Don't interrupt this process. it will take around two minutes to complete it. After the completion click on next. The login screen will appear, fill in your username and password and you will be using your newly installed OpenSUSE.

OpenSUSE is powerful and stable OS. It is a good alternative for windows and Ubuntu too. So all in all we suggest you to give it a try. It is easy to use in daily life. It has big repositories for softwares and you can control your PC.
                 So hope this guide helped you in understanding the installation process.

This is not an end of OpenSUSE post,we will be back soon to cover more posts over OpenSUSE.
See you soon in our next Posts!
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