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How to install .deb files?

Hey guys whats going on?
Have you downloaded or gotten any .deb file but you dont know what is it and how to install it?so all questions are answered here!
so today we are going to show you "How to install a .deb file?"

  • What is .deb?
So basicly .deb is an extentition of file format.It is a Debian package of softwares,mostly an installer file.

  • How to install .deb files?

So pals,I will tell you two ways to install a .deb files.So here they are,

Using Terminal:
So first way by using the powerhouse Termainal!

You can easly install .deb files using dpkg command.
  • To install:
                          dpkg -i Filename.deb
 Here -i is to install the package.Filename should be changed by the name of the .deb file you have!
  •  To uninstall:
                        dpkg -r Filename.deb
Here -r is to remove/uninstall package.
Tip:Just right click on file and select "open in terminal" and then use the above code. 

Using GUI application:
So there is an application called "Gdebi package installer",you can download it from Ubuntu software center and also in "Synaptic package manager".
So,there you got it!
If you have any question then pls comment below.

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