What is OpenSUSE? An introduction

Hello readers,Once again we are here with our second segment of  "Introduction with Linux World" series. Well this time we will be introducing another giant in Linux world

                        Last time we introduced Debian, one of the first giants. Now we gonna introduce SUSE. Yup we will see some good things about SUSE Linux or most commonly known as OpenSUSE. So here we begin. OpenSUSE is based on rpm package management. It is one of the most widely used Linux distro. OpenSUSE is also used as base of SUSE Enterprise Linux products. The operating system is sponsored by Novell which later acquired by Attachmate group. 
                         It is a very simple but highly customizable and efficient Linux distro. It is made for daily use plus servers and industry work too. While you can get OpenSUSE free of cost as it is completely opensource, but you can get lots of amazing features packed in it. An iso of  OpenSUSE contains loads of useful softwares packed in it plus it offers multiple DE while installing later too. 

OpenSUSE 13.1 running with KDE

OpenSUSE 13.1 running with Gnome

AS you can see i am using OpenSUSE with both KDE and Gnome in it. So it's your choice. OpenSUSE offers Gnome, KDE, Xfce, LXDE, Openbox, IceWM, blackbox, etc. You can install other DE manually later too. Apart from that OpenSUSE gives you power. Yup it is very powerful and robust OS. It is secure and it is stable.
                       OpenSUSE is well known for it's KDE desktop. OpenSUSE will install KDE by default if you didn't select any other option from DE choices. OpenSUSE have fully integrated and supported desktop environments. OpenSUSE includes huge amount of softwares in their repository plus in third party repositories too. It includes  Mozilla Firefox as default web browser. You can easily work with your documents using Libreoffice. You have Amarok music player for your music need, got Kaffeine for watching videos. Most of all you got YaST. With YaST you got control over your system as you can perform various admin task from here. You can install multiple DE from YaST, you can add new devices and set them up, etc etc.
                        OpenSUSE also provide an interesting service called Tumbleweed. In this service you can get all the latest stable updates released by developers. By this option you can be assured to get a healthy and stable PC.

                        Overall, OpenSUSE is very interesting, stable (also bleeding edge) and powerful OS. we will surely suggest you to give it a try, as we also use it in our daily life. So here we conclude the second segment of "Introduction with Linux World" series. Stay tuned to us as we will be bringing more interesting stuffs from Linux world right onto your PC.
We are trying you to introduce you with most of distros.
Have fun with Linux, Ciao.

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