BleachBIt - a junk cleaner for Ubuntu and other Linux distros

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                    We hope that you enjoyed your stay at TechPhylum.com. So here we are again to show you something interesting Linux world. This time we gonna explain about a app called BleachBit.
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So today we will learn about BleachBit. It is a versatile cleaning app available in windows as well as Linux. It does a good job when it comes to cleaning junk files, Internet cache, temporary files and those annoying thumb.db files, etc, etc.
It can be used to clean up the space in HDD as well as it can increase performance of Firefox without deleting anything by creating some vacuum thing. So let's see how it works.

Bleachbit available in Software Center
Bleachbit is easily available in Ubuntu software center as well as software centers of other distros. You can also get the app directly from their official site. As you can see it's compact in size and a very useful utility for Linux.
Bleachbit running on Linux mint 16
After you downloaded and installed the app just open the app and you will see various check box on left side. You should choose proper things to delete from there. There is apt cache, Internet cache and cookies, system files which are useless, etc. 
Once chosen the desired sections to clean, click on preview to see what files are going to be deleted and how much space is going to be freed up.

Once you have decided that it's completely fine to clean up, Just click on clean button. The app will ask you once again as a warning about deletion of files. If you sure then click on delete and let the procedure finish. There you go, Junk and useless files are removed and space is freed up.

This app is very useful in keeping the system healthy and optimum. It is also very easy to use and have a good graphical front end. For more information about this app, feel free to visit their official site. So hope it was helpful to you guys. We will be back with some more interesting apps and stuffs from Linux world. So stay tuned with with us by subscribing or site and liking our social pages. Till then, ciao.

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