How to make a bootable usb drive using cmd?

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=>Go to START then type cmd and run as administrator by right click on it.

=>Now follow this,
  • diskpart then it will move to DISKPART> 
  • Now type list disk and it will show a list of disks on your system so in my case the usb drive is disk 1 (Determine the proper disk by it's size)
  • Now select the proper disk using select disk 1 (Disk 1 is the usb drive in my case) command.
  • Type  clean and hit Enter to proceed.
  •  Now type create partition primary and press Enter and proceed.
  • Next command is select partition 1 .
  • Now type active
  •  format fs=ntfs(This will format your usb drive to ntfs and it may take few seconds or minutes,depending on your usb drive and system config.)
  • assign(After this command your usb drive letter will change for mine it was 'H' and changeded to 'I' it can be different for you)
  • exit(To exit from 'DISKPART').
=>Now second last step,just you have to extract all files and folders from .iso file or from cd/dvd in a folder and you just need to command to the bootsect.exe file in the boot folder in the extracted folder.
now say boot folder in extracted folder is at the path  
D:\windows 7\boot\bootsect.exe

 Now follow these commands to execute the bootsect.exe file to the usb drive,
  •  D:(Type proper disk letter,D: is in my case)
  • cd windows 7 ( change windows 7 with proper folder name)
  • cd boot
  • bootsect.exe/nt60 I:(Change 'I' with the changed drive letter of your bootable usb drive)
=>Now last step is to copy all files and folders inside the extracted folder of .iso or cd/dvd to the usb drive by normal selection and copy-paste process.

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