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Hi guys, welcome to the 15th segment of "Introduction with Linux Distro". We have made quite a few introductions from the start of this website, every segment has something unique to itself. So this time we will be having a Linux distribution which have pure philosophy and creativity, as our guest. Let's get to know more about BlankOn Linux.

BlankOn Linux is originated in Indonesia and typically made for native people to increase awareness of Linux and to encourage more people to use Linux. Initial release was based on Fedora core but now, BlankOn Linux is based on Debian. BlankOn Linux uses a custom desktop environment and a good base. Let's see the details of BlankOn.
  • Look and Feel : BlankOn uses a custom desktop environment called Manokwari. Manokwari is simply one of the most beautiful desktop environment ever created. From the top bar to the bottom dock Manokwari is nicely designed to look absolutely gorgeous. 
    BlankOn Linux 10 Tambora
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    Manokwari features two panels from both sides. Left panel acts as application launcher and other important things can be done from there. Where as right panel acts as shortcut screen to various ettings, music, notifications, etc. Right panel almost acts as a action hub.
    BlankOn Linux 10 TamboraBlankOn Linux 10 Tambora

    At the bottom of screen, there is a beautiful dock waiting for you. The Dock is also beautifully designed and id functional as it should be.
    BlankOn Linux 10 Tambora
    The icons in Manokwari is also very beautiful. Overall artwork is really pleasant to eyes. This is the reason it is so beautiful.
  •  The Performance : BlankOn not only looks good but it also performs on equal grounds. We used BlankOn X Tambora to test and after testing it for some days, we are completely satisfied with it's performance. It is stable and satisfactorily responsive. BlankOn can be used in a system with only 1 GB of RAM. BlankOn uses Linux kernel 4.6.0-1 and to give some hope to old hardware users, BlankOn X supports both 32 bit and 64 bit architecture. 
  • Use in Daily Life : A user can use BlankOn in any way he/she wants. BlankOn can be used to do office work, It can also be used to do multimedia related work. If you only need to browse internet and social media then it is not a problem either. As BlankOn is based on Debian it utilizes Debian's repositories and made it available for user's to install. You can easily find any application needed in software center (Yes, it has a software center too.) Otherwise there is always the mighty terminal to satisfy your hunger for more.
    BlankOn Linux 10 Tambora
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  • Support and Philosophy : BlankOn Linux is mainly made for native Indonesian people. But it also supports English language so anyone in world can use it. Unfortunately we couldn't find any forum for BlankOn. The philosophy of BlankOn team is to encourage users to use Linux and also develop it and learn it. We hope they succeed in increasing Linux awareness and encouraging more and more users to use and develop Linux.  
Overall BlankOn Linux is nicely made and maintained Linux distribution which can be useful to anyone. Why not give it a try? Give it a shot in VM and if you like it, then make it permanent. We will be back with another segment in this series shortly. So make sure to check out our website for updates. Keep visiting us and as always, Have fun with Linux.

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