Linux 4.9.6 released

Just few moments back, Linux Kernel going well under 4.9.y stable versions got an update as Linux Kernel 4.9.6.Linux Kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman announced the same with a list of changes been made in this particular release.

Of course as the other Linux versions go on the release tag, this one has also a good list of fixes and changes.There are 136 files changed,1030 files inserted and 814 deletions are made.
Users on the previous version of the release line of Linux 4.9.y, should must upgrade to the latest release for issue free operation on their Lnux System.
Well, You can always get the latest Kernel version Linux from the official website and soon we are to post a new topic on how to install new and latest kernel on different Linux Distros.

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