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Fedora 23 to be discontinued

If you are a user of Fedora and particularly Fedora 23, then you should consider upgrading to the newer version before December 20th, 2016. Fedora 23 will be officially discontinued and there won't be any further support after that. According to sources after December 20th, neither there will be any updates in repositories nor any new package will enter the repositories. Fedora 23 won't receive any security fix or bug fix.

As per Fedora project's policy, a certain version is discontinued one month after next two releases. So, Fedora 25 is here and thus it is the end of Fedora 23. So guys, it is highly recommended to upgrade your Fedora system to keep receiving important updates and keeping your system secure.

To download the latest version of Fedora - Official Website


Fedora 25 Beta released

Fedora 25 Beta
Fedora, the well known Linux distribution providing numerous of amazing features and wide list of applications for all required to pro-level tools, has got an announcement of the beta release of Fedora 25 release-segment. Previously, Fedora 25 Alpha was released. The final release of Fedora is expected in November.
What's New In Fedora 25 Beta?
As mentioned in the announcement,"Fedora’s journey is not simply about updating one operating system with the latest and greatest packages. It’s also about innovation for the many different platforms represented in the Fedora Project: Workstation, Server, Atomic, and the various Spins", So, really they are up to on their words. Everytime a new Fedora release makes it way, it doesn't take the same route like other distros.


How to install Korora Linux with screenshots

We are hoping you guys are having a good time with us. Yesterday we gave a little explaination and review of Korora 24 and today we will tell you how to install it in a easier way. But before we start there are some prequisites.
  1. ISO file of Korora Linux which can be downloaded from Official Website. Make a bootable USB or a DVD using this ISO.
  2. We will need a blank partition, so backup your files and free up a partition or simply split a large partition into 2 smaller one. (This is for people seeking dual boot)
  3. A little knowledge of your PC BIOS.
  4. Courage of believing in what you are doing.
  5. Give Some Time To Read:Help Us To Grow
Now after completing the prequisites boot into the live medium of Korora Linux. On the desktop you will see a little icon on top left corner click on that to start Anaconda installer. First screen you will get is language selection which is easy for anyone to get through.
Korora 24 sheldon


Korora Linux explained

Last week we introduced you an independent Linux distro and today we will be explaining a fork of Fedora Linux. In today's 9th segment of "Introduction with Linux Distro" let's get to know about Korora Linux.
At first Kororra was used to make Gentoo Linux installation easier but in November 2007 this project was discontinued. In 2010 Korora project was continued as a Fedora based distribution. It was also renamed to Korora from Kororra. First major release of Korora distro was in 2013. Since then Korora is providing a simplified and beautiful experience of Fedora to users. For this topic We are using latest Korora 24 in Mate flavor. Why Mate? because, we never tried this flavor before. Let's see some important things that we experienced while using it.
    Take Time Read:Help Us To Grow 
  • Beauty : Korora is beautiful in looks and performance too. It is available in Gnome, Cinnamon, Xfce and Mate flavors. Though we are using Mate but we strongly believe other flavors will be beautiful as well.
    Korora 24 sheldon
    Korora desktop with Mate flavor


Korora 24 released

Looking for one of the best alternative for Fedora? then you guys might consider Kokora Linux. It is based on Fedora 24 but it have it's own advantages over vanilla Fedora. Now Korora 24 is released which is code named Sheldon. This version of Korora is using Linux kernel 4.6.3. There are some changes made in this new release.
  • 64 bit only : Starting from this version Korora will be available in 64 bit version only. Meanwhile 32 bit users are not abandoned, existing users of Korora 23 can upgrade to new version. But if you thinking to make fresh install then 64 bit is your only option.
  • No KDE plasma : There isn't any release of Korora 24 with KDE plasma. There are some problems with KDE for now. But if you are using Korora 23 in KDE flavor then you can upgrade to new version but you have to make few theme settings manually.
  • Desktop Environments : For now Korora is released in 4 flavors Gnome 3.20, Cinnamon 3.0, Xfce 4.12 and Mate 1.14. You can choose any of these to make a fresh install.
There are many more changes, fixes. Being based on Fedora it offers amazing stability and great performance. We will be giving a review on Korora 24 soon.
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