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Manjaro 17.0 alpha 2 is now available for public

If you know Arch Linux, then you must have heard about Manjaro Linux too. A few hours ago Manjaro development team released Manjaro 17.0 alpha2. This release is made in two flavors, the main KDE flavor and Xfce flavor. Community releases are yet to get updated. The new version is named Gellivara. next releases will be codenamed differently rather than older month codenames.

According to the official announcement, Linux kernel 4.9 LTS is used in this release. Xorg-stack will be updated to 1.19.
So what will be the features of the new release series:
  • We updated the stock kernel to linux49 4.9 LTS
  • We will update the Xorg-Stack to v1.19 series
  • We will enhance and improve Luks and LVM support in CAL
  • We will enhance and improve our Manjaro Tools & Profiles
  • We will enhance and improve our MHWD and MSM
  • We will update our themes (work in progress)
There is not much to tell at this point time. However, you can get the latest alpha builds and help Manjaro team in development by suggesting bugs.  You can download latest test builds from here.


KaOS 2017.01 released as new year's gift

If you thinking of using a Independent Linux distribution but still want some familiarity with one of the popular distributions, then there is a good news for you. KaOS team released a new version named 2017.01 as new year's gift. KaOS is independent but inspired by Arch and uses Pacman as package management. This distribution uses rolling release pattern and it includes all the latest updates to KDE plasma desktop. This version has KDE frameworks  5.29.0, KDE Applications 16.12.0 & not yet released ports of KDE Applications. It also includes Qt 5.7.1.

KaOS 2017.01 includes it's own ISO to USB tool which gives the option to recover USB after using it for ISO. It is a unique feature which is not offered commonly. KaOS. This version runs on Linux kernel 4.8.15.

Base of the system

Most notable major updates to the base of the system are Boost 1.62.0, ICU 58.2, Ruby 2.4.0, Systemd 232, FFMPEG 3.2, Linux 4.8.15, Mesa 13.0.2, Hunspell 1.6.0, Gpgme 1.8.0, Gstreamer 1.10.2 and a move to Openjpeg 2 (2.1.2)
KaOS repositories no longer provide Qt 4. It is a good three years ago that development for Qt 4 stopped, late 2015 all support including security fixes ended. Any application that has not made the transition to Qt 5 in all this time can no longer be supported in KaOS. Either they actually are no longer maintained or their development is ignoring the implications of building on a possible insecure toolkit.
The Linux kernel has all the needed ucode build-in for a fully automated Early Microcode update.
It is possible for both the Live session and installed system to start a Plasma Wayland session right from the login manager. An X11 session is of course still default, but the drop-down menu has a Wayland entry too. With Plasma 5.8.5, the Wayland session is possible on more systems.
KaOS uses the Systemd provided Systemd-boot for UEFI installs.


The used installer framework has moved to the 2.5 series. Highlights of the changes and additions:

  • Improved system requirements configuration checking
  • Fixed a path handling issue which could sometimes occur when reusing an existing EFI system partition
  • Fixed operating system detection for automatic dual boot setup in GRUB
  • Added support for NVME devices to set correct ESP flag with UEFI installs
  • Added Btrfs subvolumes setup for @ and @home in automated install modes (note: manual partitioning still doesn’t support Btrfs subvolumes, as this requires further work in both KPMcore and Calamares)

Known issues:

  • If you do not want to install a bootloader, do not use any of the automated partitioning options, select manual for this. See the bug report for the installer regarding this.
  • If you want to use a GPT partition table on a BIOS system, make sure to set it up following BIOS GPT, the installer’s partitioner can only handle GPT correctly for UEFI
  • Installing on RAID or LVM is currently not possible
  • Hibernate on LUKS enabled swap partitions needs manual intervention, the installer misses some settings to fully support this.
 KaOS does not support Rufus or Unetbootin to create bootable flash drive. You have to use SUSE Studio ImageWriter in Windows to create bootable flash drive of KaOS. To create bootable USB in Linux you probably have to use dd feature. To get more information on how to create bootable USB of KaOS refer to this page.

To Download latest version of KaOS - CLICK HERE.


BlankOn 10.0 Tambora released

Some time ago developers behind BlankOn Linux team released a new version 10.0 codenamed Tambora. BlankOn is based on Debian and originated in Indonesia. This is the tenth release of BlankOn which includes lots of changes and improvements.

BlankOn uses custom desktop environment named Monokwari which is based on Gnome 3 shell. Monokwari now can be used on higher resolution like 4k dsplay. Monokwari uses GTK3 which will be legacy from this version and will be replaced completely by HTML5 in upcoming versions. It received updated search feature, weather widget, right-handed panel, cool new icons, etc. Moreover this release includes new set of icons called Tebu which replaced Komodo icon pack from previous releases.

Gnome 3.20 is used in BlankOn as base for Monokwari. It is been updated to support HiDPI resolution, MutiTouch input, gesture support. Geolocation and network management is also improved to work better. BankOn also includes various applications to make your daily life easier. Try the new BlankOn X Tambora and feel the changes and improvements.

To Download BlankOn X - CLICK HERE


Solus 2017.01.01.0 released

If you know about Budgie desktop environment then you surely heard about Solus Linux. A few hours ago team behind it released new Solus 2017.01.01.0. For those who don't know about Solus Linux, then you should read Solus Linux explained. Solus released the latest version in both Budgie and Mate flavor. There are a lot of changes made and also new features introduced.

Solus 2017.01.01.0
What changes are made in the new release? 
According to the official announcement, Solus now supports more devices for MTP mounting due to libmtp update. The package manager i.e. eopkg also improved to perform better and it will no longer cause hangs in software center. There won't be anymore corrupted cursor while using firefox. VLC now support SMB and SFTP contents. In last version there was a bug in the installer which used to ignore swap partitions while using custom mount points, it is now resolved.


Calculate Linux 17 released

Few hours ago team behind Calculate Linux released a new version. Calculate Linux 17 is based on Gentoo and it works in three different sections Calculate Directory Server (CDS), Calculate Linux Desktop (CLD) and Claculate Linux Scratch (CLS). The new version includes various changes and some cool new features are introduced to make your life easy. According to official announcement, a new server named Timeless which is a testing version is introduced. It will be eventually merged into CDS. Both GUI interface and command line are now supported equally.  There is also updated icons for better look and feel.
Calculate Utilities
  • Numerous revisions in templates: new functions added, support provided for "or" expressions, service launching, package linking, package version downgrade, ldif format, and more.
  • Beta versions of the brand new Calculate Linux Desktop Cinnamon and Calculate Linux Desktop LXQt are available in "nightly" stages.
  • Up to 5000 binary packages are available in the Calculate repository.
  • On desktop versions, Firefox will be from now on the default Internet browser.
  • MATE was updated to v1.16 and switched to the GTK3+ engine.
  • The latest kernel is always available as a binary.
  • Special characters such as currency symbols (₽, ₴, etc.) can be entered by pressing the Compose key or right Alt.
  • Multiple processing of ini.env via different paths, with user configurations partly moved.
  • Proprietary ati-drivers is not supported anymore.
  • CL can be installed on NVMe devices.
  • Centralized access to the su command is provided for domain users.
  • Account encryption problem was fixed.
Calculate Linux 17

To download latest version CLICK HERE


Porteus 3.2.2 final released

Porteus is a Slackware-based fast and portable Linux Distribution.The Porteus team was working RCs for the release of their next big update, and here is Porteus 3.2.2 final available to download and use.The Porteus team has made an announcement.
Porteus is available in four Desktop Environments, counting XFCE4, MATE, Cinnamon, and KDE5.Well, we have a good list of most preferred list of DEs to try from.
Porteus xfce
What's New in Porteus 3.2.2?
The announcement covered a list of changes and it goes like the latest Linux kernel 4.9, Pulseaudio, eudev, consolekit2 and more complete 000-kernel firmware.
The best and useful thing introduced in this update is, one can update individual applications right from the console.How? Just fire up the console and type in the command update-firefox or say update-libreoffice.

BlackArch 2016.12.29 released

It has not even been flipped 10 days on our calendar and the blackArch team is ready with the next update release.Just after the release on 20th of December, BlackArch 2016.12.20, here is next BlackArch 2016.12.29.
If you aren't aware of BlackArch then you have missed a powerful alternative for Kali, Parrot Security OS, etc., but the thing that might be a game-changing step is, It is based on Arch Linux as the name BlackArch suggests itself.
What's New in BlackArch 2016.12.29?
Linux Kernel 4.8.13 has been included.A new installer with the version number 0.3.1 is included in this release and of course, all the packages are updated.In the last release, they included hundreds of new tools and many updated packages too.
Download the latest BlackArch release from here


KDE Plasma 5.8.5 released

With the ringing bells and Gifts of Christmas, the world of Linux release line is nothing left behind in assuring they present their gifts to the users.From Distros to Linux kernel itself getting new releases and improvements, KDE team is not behind in this Joyful time of Christmas.
KDE team has announced the point release for their KDE Plasma 5.8 build, KDE Plasma 5.8.5 has been announced just a moment ago.Basically, this point update is a bugfix update with some bugs fixed, found in the previous release so far. And, the good thing is that they have worked on a number of bugs, fixing issues encountered and reported by users and Developers around the world.
KDE Plasma 5.8


Parrot Security OS 3.3 released

Parrot Security OS doesn't need any introduction, As we all are well aware of this Debian-based distribution, consisting of all types of packages and tools in the sector of Penetration Testing, Hacking, Cryptography, Security Testing of The Web and other Web-based software and tools.
Parrot 3.2 was released back in October, and there was an echoing silence for days in the development and future plannings.And here comes a release announcement of the new point release Parrot Security OS 3.3, for the Parrot Security 3.0 segment.
As mentioned in the announcement, the Parrot Security development team was working on two secret projects, making a good silence on the Web about any news regarding the release.The 2 main projects are 'the perfect plan to conquer the world and this point release, Release of 'Parrot Security OS 3.3'.


NethServer 7 RC3 released

There is a good news for people running servers. NethServer 7 RC3 codenamed 'tiramisu' is released. People who don't know NethServer, it is Linux distro based on CentOS which is mainly made for server purpose. There are quite a lot changes made in this release before the final version comes out. According to the official announcement, NethServer is now based on CentOS 7.3 and it also introduced squid 3.5 to intercept HTTP connections at the beginning to determine whether to block or allow it. The previously used squidGuard is now replaced with ufdbGuard due to its lack of compatibility with squid 3.5. Meanwhile ufdbGuard is one of the best URL filters out there. Due to new squid 3.5, there won't be anymore untrusted certificate warnings, no certificate install pop-ups. It will allow smooth filtering of websites on HTTP and HTTPS.
According to the official announcement, there are many more changes to be seen as follows:


Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon released

Well, it is a Christmas gift for all Linux Mint fans. Linux Mint 18.1 is released a few hours ago. Linux Mint 18.1 is long term supported till 2021. It is currently available in two flavors i.e. Cinnamon and Mate.
Cinnamon flavor of Linux Mate 18.1 "Serena" includes cinnamon 3.2. Screensaver in this flavor has been reworked in python. It is said to be more customizable and more responsive now. Cinnamon 3.2 now supports iio-sensor-proxy. It also supports accelerometers to auto-rotate screen. According to official announcement many more changes are made.


Linux Mint 18.1 Beta released

Well,Just months back Linux Mint 18 got it's release,now it is the time to have the next point release of Linux Mint 18.Just few hours ago Linux Mint team has announced the availability of Linux Mint 18.1 Beta.
As Linux Mint users , who have already moved to Linux Mint 18, might be loving it for the newly introduced themes,look & feel and features(of course,they didn't go like updating only pre-installed packages :p ).So,in this time, coming from rainy to winter season,they have made a good list of new improvements,features and support.
After all, the final release is about to become Christmas and New Year Gift.
What's new in here?
There's a new screensaver in Cinnamon flavoured version of Linux Mint 18.1 Beta,which is written from scratch in Python,this new screensaver is not only faster but also more customisable than any other releases.Cinnamon 3.2 also supports vertical sidebars,so you can set it up as per your needs.
cinnamon vertical sidebar
cinnamon 3.2 screensaver
zoom-in by clicking
Apart from the cinnamon DE, Linux Mint 18.1 beta has also been released in MATE edition, having markable improvements in notification daemon,session manager and MATE terminal.
Apps,UI and feel have not been compromised at all,they have been worked.The update manager is now showing origin of the updates and there's also a detailed view of the kernel update,Kernels will now be sorted according to their recommendations and version.So Yes, It is going to make more ease in choosing the right base Kernel for the Linux Mint system.
You can see all other new things in Linux Mint 18.2 Beta Cinnamon|MATE.

Peppermint 7 Respin released

Peppermint is a Lubuntu based,very light on hardware but lightining fast Linux Distribution.This cloud and web-application based Distribution got new release,Peppermint 7 Respin.Peppermint team has made an announcement about the release of Peppermint 7 Respin.
Peppermint Monitor screen
On one side many Linux Distributions are ending the support to 32-bit support ,there Peppermint 7 Respin is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit.

What's new and Updated?
Most of the things are updated to their most latest versions and apart from that Peppermint 7 Respin is coming with one of the most stable Kernel,Linux Kernel 4.4.0-47 build.
Multimedia Function keys are now working fine and Google Chrome keyring is also fixed.
hplip has been added for the support of Hp Printers.It is also said that Grub has a new backround and also new desktop wallpaper has been added.
There are some more newly added things that you can find in the announcement or else you may get this latest release on your system.


Solus 1.2.1 Shannon is out

There is a good news for Solus users and people who would love to try a different Linux distro, Solus 1.2.1 Shannon is released a few hours ago. This time Solus team have decided to give you guys a nice surprise, a Mate edition. So, Solus 1.2.1 is released in two flavours which are Budgie and Mate.

The team behind Solus worked hard to bring new things and features in this release. Well, according to official announcement Budgie flavour have given IBUS support. This is helpful to people who prefers different language other than English. Budgie dektop is updated to 10.2.8 and it is bringing lots of improvement here. They have made various improvements in applets which is not only be eye-candy, but also useful for users. When it comes to bug fixing they have announced a long list.


Budgie-remix 16.10 is out

You are looking for some beautiful Linux distributions? Oh, we found one more for you. Budgie-remix is also one of the most beautiful Linux distros on the planet and to add more excitement to that, team behind Budgie-remix announced new release a few hours ago. Budgie-remix 16.10 which is based on Ubuntu 16.10 is out for public. They have made quite a lot changes to this release.

According to official announcement the OS will now have more languages which is a good thing for native lovers. Apart from that, there will be Linux Kernel 4.8.x included in this release. Let's see what official announcement say,


NetBeans IDE 8.2 Download is available now

NeatBeans doesn't need an introduction but still who doesn't know about NetBeans IDE then NetBeans IDE is an IDE(integrated development environment) that supports multiple programming languages like JAVA,HTML5,JAVAScript,C/C++,PHP etc. Well,It's vastly used by many coders and developers for developing mobile,pc or web applications.
NetBeans has a great set of pre-installed tools that makes coding and developing more convenient and easy on fingers.The GUI builder really makes the things easy on head when it comes to developing JAVA SE applications.

NetBeans is now available in 8.2 version with better improvements and better support.According to the release details page,the new NetBeans 8.2 comes with code analysers and editors to work with latest JAVA 8 technologies.Others aren't left behind,Other languages have also new improvements and enhancements with new and some old but improved tool-sets.
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