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Official Steam app avaialble for Windows 10 Mobile

Well there's a good news for Windows 10 mobile users that official Steam app has arrived in Windows Store. Official Steam Windows 10 Mobile app can be now installed on Windows 10 Mobile devices.
steam for windows 10 mobile

This official Steam app provides authentication, trade, and community features to secure and enhance your Steam experience. Using this app you can ensure the security of your account with Steam Guard multifactor authentication, Send and confirm trades with friends, Sell your in-game items in the Steam Community Market straight from your Inventory, Browse the Steam storefront and keep up with the latest games, promotions, and sales, Remotely download and install your games straight to your PC at home.


WhatsApp for Windows Phone Got Quoted Message and More

Recently,WhatsApp for Windows phone got new update which brings quoted message feature,it was already available for Android users quite earlier.Now,here it is for WP users too.By using this feature you can select and quote a message,and can reply with it.
This new version also includes a new image picker,which is said to be more handy and now easier to select images and send them.
Some bug fixes and performance improvements are also there.

So to get the latest WhatsApp head over to Windows Store and update to the latest version of WhatsApp.


Drawboard PDF - A unique way to play with PDF files

Yo guys,

Have you ever thought of drawing various things in a PDF file? or just highlighting or annotating a important part of PDF file without need of printing it first? well if yes (and no too), then we have a app that can make it possible for you. And the name is Drawboard PDF.

Drawboard PDF and what it does?

You can easily annotate important things in PDF files, draw something in it, highlight what you want. And hell yeah, it a PDF reader!!!!! it supports touch and stylus input. It has various pens and inks to make your work more of a art. Apart from all that it's quite lightweight in size. We have used it in windows 10 pc and it worked like a charm. Did the thing what it said.
Drawboard PDF is the top PDF app to read, annotate and mark up your PDFs. Ideal for replacing pen and paper; avoid printing documents ever again, making annotating your documents a breeze. Open existing PDFs or create a new PDF, annotate using our extensive array of tools, then save your document back as a compatible PDF. Drawboard PDF distinguishes itself by its intuitive user interface/experience, stylus and touch input separation, smooth and natural pen inking, and its impressive array of annotation tools.
This is an essential tool for: - Design industries (engineering, construction, architecture etc.) - Students and teachers - Travellers - Business - Anyone who needs to mark up a PDF!

  • Toggle between using an activated stylus/pen and finger touch to perform annotations on the PDF
  • Open, Read and Save multiple PDF documents
  • Create new blank PDF documents of different size, color, orientation and page count
  • Radial menu with the following features:
  • Smooth and natural inking pen/stylus inking - change stroke width and colors
  • Eraser - also works on the back of the stylus eraser where functional, and right click on mouse
  • Edit, write, annotate, ink, draw on PDFs
  • Select tool to move annotations around the PDF
  • Shapes - cloudy tool, rectangle, ellipse, line, arrow and polygon on PDF
  • Text markup - highlighter, underline, strikeout, squiggly on PDF
  • All annotations have the option for varying colors, widths, opacities etc on PDF
  • PDF Bookmarks, Print PDF, Search PDF functionality and Share PDF using the share charm
  • PDF Markup History
  • Insert images and webcam snapshots on PDF
  • Change the layout and view modes of PDF, including night mode
  • Insert, Rotate and Delete PDF Pages
  • Flatten PDF Annotations
  • Open large PDF sizes
  • Insert sticky/popup notes on PDF
  • Undo/Redo PDF Actions
(Source - windows store)


Tower In The Sky : an epic RPG

Hello gamers and other people too.

Today we have something for gamers and game lovers (and for normal people too). So what is it? A game it is. And it's name is Tower in the sky. It is a handy dandy game with less data and more action. Especially RPG lovers will enjoy this game quite a lot. The game is simple, graphics are not too awesome but it is eye-catching in it's own way, Sound is cool, tuts are cool and finally gameplay is also cool. It can take you from easy levels to difficult levels and then the real fun starts. If you like RPG games then we would surely recommend you to play this.
Lead a team of unlikely heroes into battle against an ancient enemy and save the Kingdom! Explore a magical world, conquer evil, collect loot, mystical items, and designer T-shirts. Place your characters strategically, time your attacks, unleash powerful spells, and customize your party and play style against dozens of different enemy types to succeed. Can you unravel the truth about the Tower in the Sky?


Minecraft - Pocket Edition, now available on Windows Phone

Hello buddies,

               Well this news is especially for gamers and ofcourse for Minecraft lovers. The news is that Minecraft PE is now available for Windows Phone. So if you wonder your WP is not having much games then just chill and have some faith in awesome device and OS you are holding in your hand.
WP version of Minecraft includes creative mode and survival mode along with open world exploration thing. And yes it also features a multiplayer function over a local Wi-Fi network. As said above with open world exploration counts infinite worlds, villages, etc etc.

"Welcome to Minecraft: Pocket Edition! Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures. Pocket Edition includes Survival and Creative modes, multiplayer over a local Wi-Fi network, infinite worlds, caves, new biomes, mobs, villages and lots more. Craft create and explore anywhere in the world so long as you have hands spare and battery to burn. There’s never been a better time to enjoy Minecraft on the move."
(source : windows marketplace )


Tap Tap Ninja : a fun game for Windows Phone

Hi guys,

               Well we are back again after quite a time due to academic things. Well whatever it is we have again brought an interesting topic for gamers, especially mobile gamers. Well the name of game is Tap Tap Ninja and if taken seriously it's hell of a fun for sure.
We recently Posted :

Well this game is somewhat similar to Fruit Ninja. We have to cut the fruits but there's a twist, we have to do it like a ninja. Pine Entertainment, the developers of this game kept this game lightweight and enjoyable. All you need is ninja reflexes over your tapping skills and with cool graphics it surely comes out as eye-candy came.
"Meet the little ninja and be with him slashing the angry crowd's fruit attack!

In this juicy ninja game, your goal is to slash as much as possible fruits like melons, coconuts, oranges, lemons and the rare pomegranate fruits! Use your "Tap Tap" skill to blow the fruits into tasty pieces! Yahoooo!

* Play with your friend via Facebook or Twitter

* Fun upgrades and special power to boost your score

* Play and see the beauty of simple!"
(Source - )


Opera Mini beta is now available for Windows Phone 8/8.1

Hello Guys,

                  We recently posted about Opera mini will be soon available for WP and registration for beta testers are held. Finally wait is over for those who have successfully enrolled into beta testers group. Opera Mini beta is available for download as private beta. It's still not available for public, but beta testers are welcomed already. Just before few minutes ago we also received email from opera team about availability of first beta release.


Osu! - amzing game for anime and music lovers

Hello guys and gamers,

                              We hope you guys are having good time with us. We are also trying to bring some interesting information for you and in this try today we are bringing a game especially for anime and music lovers.

The name of game is Osu! It is ofcource free and open-source game and players can also contribute their creations in this game. So what is this game actually?  It is a rhythm game in which we have to keep up with the notations to keep the song playing. 
There are other games like that what different in this? particularly this game is more directed towards anime lovers, plus it have very beautiful artwork and even embedded videos while playing it. One more interesting thing about this game is you can create a bitmap with your own song. The bitmap creator is also included in windows version of this game. Plus it is a cross-platform game which is available in Windows, Mac, Windows phone, Android, iOS. Not to mention it is lightweight game.
As you can see in below screen shots the welcome screen has interesting graphical interface just click on that big Osu! and you will get started. It provides you two modes i.e. offline mode and online mode. We will suggest you to play in online mode as it will automatically keep updating your online profile and there's the beloved level system in this game. As you can see i am on level 11 :P 
To make an account for Osu! you need to visit their Official site and also download the PC client from there.


Opera Mini for Windows Phone is available as beta

Hello guys,
                   Well here's a great news for all the WP users, Opera mini is here as an open beta. After a long wait for this day to come, it's finally here. Opera mini has been one of the most popular mobile browser which is already available while it lacked for Windows Phone platform. But finally its here. As an open beta people are invited to try out the product and give your valuable feedback to improve the future builds for this amazing app.
(image source : )
Well if you are excited enough to try it out before the final version arrives just fire up your PC or phone and go to this link to their official site. Submit your Microsoft email there and you will be subscribed to the beta testing group.


Subway Surfers for windows phone updated

Hello guy and gamers,
                         Well there's a good news for the gamers especially if you like to play subway surfers on your WP. Recently Kiloo, the developer of this game has released a new update for this game. Yup the new update brings the game in Beijing with beautiful graphics and track. so why are you waiting just fire up your phone and update your game to enjoy the new features in game. Let's see what have been updated in this new version.

New in 1.28.0

- Follow the Subway Surfers World Tour to mystical China

- Pace through the Subway of Beijing with acrobatic Sun

- Add powerful Board Upgrades to selected boards

- Reach for the challenging new Coin Cautious Awards

- Search the tracks for hidden dragons to unlock weekly prizes
(source : Windows Phone Store )
 (Image source : Windows Phone Store )


Metro File Manager - a very useful utility for Windows Phone

Hey buddies,
                     We hope you guys are doing great. Today we have some more cool things for your windows phone, a file manager. Yeah we know in windows phone 8.1 there is already a file manager but but but this file manager has some cool features that others don't offer.
We recently posted :

Metro File Manager, its a multipurpose file manager which can manage your local files plus cloud storage of four different services i.e. Onedrive, dropbox, box and google drive. It also offers ftp transfer and password protection to app and cloud drives.
The most professional, reliable and secure File Manager for Windows Phone, powered by cloud, email, and wireless sharing.

-Have you been wondering that under WP's App Isolated Storage architecture which App you need to bring any kind of files from PC into Phone?
-Have you been frustrated that you can't send multiple arbitrary files via Email or Bluetooth?
-Have you been looking for a single App to manage files in your cloud accounts?
-Have you been longing for an App that understands you are not always connected to your cloud drive and need to access files offline?
-Have you given up searching for an app that can play your music, videos or browse pictures in your cloud drive?

Well look no further and stop here!!!

•Conveniently bring files in App storage from PC over WiFi
•Organize and fully manage files in App Storage & cloud
•Copy, move, rename, delete, email, share over bluetooth
•Open files with other apps
•Receive files from other apps
•Selectively protect items in App's storage with password lock
•Extact archives like zip,rar,7z,.gzip,.gz,.bz,.bz2
•Music and video player (cloud ready), camera, camcorder
•Access Phone's Picture Library and below File Associations from SD card
•Integrates with OneDrive, GDrive, Box, DropBox

File Associations (files that can be listed, you will need other apps for most):
(source : Windows Phone Store)


Headshot -an impressive app to take selfie

Hola buddies

                     Well some users must be complaining that their windows phone is not having a front camera so it's hard to take selfies, specially if you are using Lumia 520 or Lumia 525. But there is a great solution for this problem. Why to use front camera when you can take higher quality selfies with rear camera. Yes you can do this with Headshot.
We recently posted :

Headshot is an amazing app which will help you in taking selfies with your phone's rear camera. What it does? It automatically detects your face and tell you to move your phone in perfect position for selfie. It works with voice guidance so you dont have to look at screen, it will say perfect and click the pic automatically so not even hassle to press the camera key.

Headshot helps you take better pictures of yourself. You specify where you want your head to be when taking a self-photo, then headshot uses face detection to tell you how to rotate your camera so that your head is in the right place. If you have a front-facing camera on your phone, consider this, your rear-facing camera takes pictures with 8x higher resolution than the front! You can use headshot to take better, higher-resolution pictures of yourself.
We have made major improvements to the application! Here are the highlights:
1. We added multiple face mode so you can take pictures with several people.
2. We made the app easier to use by adding more feedback.
3. Now Headshot automatically takes a picture instead of making you press a button!
4. We have fixed several bugs that caused the app to crash for some people.
5. Head tracking is now over 4x faster!
(source : Windows Phone Store)

(Image source : Windows Phone Store)

So what are you waiting for? Like to take selfies, then just grab your Windows Phone and install headshot. Start clicking high quality selfies right away. So this is it for today, we will be back with some more interesting stuffs so stay tuned with us. Till then, ciao.

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