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How to install Calculate Linux with screenshots

Hello guys, yesterday we talked about Calculate Linux and as per our experience one can have difficulties while installing it. So we thought, why not give a quick guide on how to install it. For this procedure you will need to do few things first :
  1. Download Calculate Linux iso from official website.
  2. Make a bootable USB or DVD of Calculate Linux iso.
  3. Tweak your bootloader and boot from USB or DVD.
  4. Have faith in yourself, may the force be with you.
Basic steps for any installation process.
After you boot from USB or DVD, you need to start installer of Calculate Linux from live medium. Once installer started, you will meet with basic things i.e. choose your locale, time zone. After you done slelcting it you will be proceed to distribution selection page. From this page you can select different editions of Calculate Linux. By default it will be chosen as per your iso.
Calculate Linux 17
Click to enlarge


Calculate Linux explained

Hello guys, welcome to 14th segment of "Introduction with Linux Distro". This segment is typically for people who runs server or like some deep playtime with commands. This distribution is based on Gentoo Linux and is typically made for servers. We recently gave a news about this distro. Calculate Linux will be our guest for this segment. Want to have some deep linux fun? then this distro is good for you.
In June 2007 Calculate Linux made it's debut in Linux world. From last 10 years it is constantly supporting the community and industries using it. Latest version i.e. Calculate Linux 17 was released few days ago with lots of improvements and fixes. Let's get to know about this distribution.
    • The Flavors : Calculate Linux is available in four flavors. Calculate Linux Desktop (CLD), Calculate Directory Server (CDS), Calculate Linux Scratch (CLS) and Calculate Media Center (CMC). One can choose any flavor according to their needs but ultimately you can also use it all. For this segment we are using CLD flavor.
    • Look and Feel : Calculate Linux Desktop comes in different editions i.e. KDE, Xfce, MATE. You can choose any desktop environment. All environment are nicely integrated in this distro. We are using KDE edition and it is as beautiful as it should be.
      Calculate Linux 17
      Click to enlarge
    • You can also change themes to make it look according to your needs. There is online collection of various themes to choose from and make customization even more interesting. You can change icons, windows, splash screen. etc individually too.
      Calculate Linux 17
      There is also a nice and beautiful dock at the bottom (It is nicely hidden though, we also didn't notice it first :P). You can easily configure your applications and shortcuts on this dock for quick access.
      Calculate Linux 17
      Even the lock screen and splash screen are beautifully made. One will simply mesmerize in the beauty of Calculate Linux.
      Calculate Linux 17
      Click to enlarge
    • Features and Community : Calculate Linux has several unique features like rolling release of binaries, easier updates using portage, different desktop environment according to your hardware specs. It also provides utilities to make installation easier. its domain Server supports Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 clients. Calculate Linux also gives 27/7 IRC support to it's users. The community is helpful enough to solve your problems and teach you in case. You can find lots of tutorials and articles to help you learn this distro in the forums. 
    •  Packages and Daily Needs : It includes lots of packages out of box which is useful in day to day life. You don't need to run a server to use Calculate Linux. You can use it as an alternative to your Windows system or any other Linux system. If you need to use it for multimedia and graphics then you can. It includes various multimedia and graphics applications like GIMP, Clementine, SMplayer, KMix, K3b, etc. In case you want to use it for office use then you have complete Libreoffice preinstalled in it. If you want to use it for internet related things then you have Firefox, KToreent, KMail, IM client, etc. Moreover you can install extra packages according to your need like in any other operating system.
      Calculate Linux 17
    • Social Media Connectivity : Calculate Linux also gives you inbuilt option to connect to various Social networking and messaging services via it's IM client. You can access many popular messaging services like Skype, AIM, Telegram, Yahoo messenger, Google messenger, etc using this. It gives quick access to all the services at one place.
      Calculate Linux 17
    • Stability : We have been using Calculate Linux from few days and what we learned is this distro is seriously stable. It uses Linux kernel 4.4.39 and it is very stable. It also uses Plasma 5.8.5 and KDE framework 5.29.0. We simply loved the stability and performance it offered. It is smooth and very responsive and can be used in older system in Xfce and MATE editions.
      Calculate Linux 17
    So overall, Calculate Linux can be an ideal distribution for you to use. It is made for servers but it also gives similar priority to normal users. Try it in VM first and if you like, make it permanent. This distribution can be start of your deep Linux playtime. We will be back with another interesting distribution in next segment so stay tuned with us and as always, have fun with Linux.


      Solus 2017.01.01.0 released

      If you know about Budgie desktop environment then you surely heard about Solus Linux. A few hours ago team behind it released new Solus 2017.01.01.0. For those who don't know about Solus Linux, then you should read Solus Linux explained. Solus released the latest version in both Budgie and Mate flavor. There are a lot of changes made and also new features introduced.

      Solus 2017.01.01.0
      What changes are made in the new release? 
      According to the official announcement, Solus now supports more devices for MTP mounting due to libmtp update. The package manager i.e. eopkg also improved to perform better and it will no longer cause hangs in software center. There won't be anymore corrupted cursor while using firefox. VLC now support SMB and SFTP contents. In last version there was a bug in the installer which used to ignore swap partitions while using custom mount points, it is now resolved.


      Calculate Linux 17 released

      Few hours ago team behind Calculate Linux released a new version. Calculate Linux 17 is based on Gentoo and it works in three different sections Calculate Directory Server (CDS), Calculate Linux Desktop (CLD) and Claculate Linux Scratch (CLS). The new version includes various changes and some cool new features are introduced to make your life easy. According to official announcement, a new server named Timeless which is a testing version is introduced. It will be eventually merged into CDS. Both GUI interface and command line are now supported equally.  There is also updated icons for better look and feel.
      Calculate Utilities
      • Numerous revisions in templates: new functions added, support provided for "or" expressions, service launching, package linking, package version downgrade, ldif format, and more.
      • Beta versions of the brand new Calculate Linux Desktop Cinnamon and Calculate Linux Desktop LXQt are available in "nightly" stages.
      • Up to 5000 binary packages are available in the Calculate repository.
      • On desktop versions, Firefox will be from now on the default Internet browser.
      • MATE was updated to v1.16 and switched to the GTK3+ engine.
      • The latest kernel is always available as a binary.
      • Special characters such as currency symbols (₽, ₴, etc.) can be entered by pressing the Compose key or right Alt.
      • Multiple processing of ini.env via different paths, with user configurations partly moved.
      • Proprietary ati-drivers is not supported anymore.
      • CL can be installed on NVMe devices.
      • Centralized access to the su command is provided for domain users.
      • Account encryption problem was fixed.
      Calculate Linux 17

      To download latest version CLICK HERE


      Porteus 3.2.2 final released

      Porteus is a Slackware-based fast and portable Linux Distribution.The Porteus team was working RCs for the release of their next big update, and here is Porteus 3.2.2 final available to download and use.The Porteus team has made an announcement.
      Porteus is available in four Desktop Environments, counting XFCE4, MATE, Cinnamon, and KDE5.Well, we have a good list of most preferred list of DEs to try from.
      Porteus xfce
      What's New in Porteus 3.2.2?
      The announcement covered a list of changes and it goes like the latest Linux kernel 4.9, Pulseaudio, eudev, consolekit2 and more complete 000-kernel firmware.
      The best and useful thing introduced in this update is, one can update individual applications right from the console.How? Just fire up the console and type in the command update-firefox or say update-libreoffice.

      BlackArch 2016.12.29 released

      It has not even been flipped 10 days on our calendar and the blackArch team is ready with the next update release.Just after the release on 20th of December, BlackArch 2016.12.20, here is next BlackArch 2016.12.29.
      If you aren't aware of BlackArch then you have missed a powerful alternative for Kali, Parrot Security OS, etc., but the thing that might be a game-changing step is, It is based on Arch Linux as the name BlackArch suggests itself.
      What's New in BlackArch 2016.12.29?
      Linux Kernel 4.8.13 has been included.A new installer with the version number 0.3.1 is included in this release and of course, all the packages are updated.In the last release, they included hundreds of new tools and many updated packages too.
      Download the latest BlackArch release from here


      KDE Plasma 5.8.5 released

      With the ringing bells and Gifts of Christmas, the world of Linux release line is nothing left behind in assuring they present their gifts to the users.From Distros to Linux kernel itself getting new releases and improvements, KDE team is not behind in this Joyful time of Christmas.
      KDE team has announced the point release for their KDE Plasma 5.8 build, KDE Plasma 5.8.5 has been announced just a moment ago.Basically, this point update is a bugfix update with some bugs fixed, found in the previous release so far. And, the good thing is that they have worked on a number of bugs, fixing issues encountered and reported by users and Developers around the world.
      KDE Plasma 5.8


      Parrot Security OS 3.3 released

      Parrot Security OS doesn't need any introduction, As we all are well aware of this Debian-based distribution, consisting of all types of packages and tools in the sector of Penetration Testing, Hacking, Cryptography, Security Testing of The Web and other Web-based software and tools.
      Parrot 3.2 was released back in October, and there was an echoing silence for days in the development and future plannings.And here comes a release announcement of the new point release Parrot Security OS 3.3, for the Parrot Security 3.0 segment.
      As mentioned in the announcement, the Parrot Security development team was working on two secret projects, making a good silence on the Web about any news regarding the release.The 2 main projects are 'the perfect plan to conquer the world and this point release, Release of 'Parrot Security OS 3.3'.

      OpenMandriva Lx 3.01 released, A Christmas Gift From OpenMandriva

      OpenMandriva team has come with a nice Christmas Gift for all their users.Previously, in August they came with OpenMandriva Lx 3.0 and now on Christmas here is the point release OpenMandiva Lx 3.01, for the Lx 3.0 build.As said in the announcement, this build has worked mostly in the sector of performance, stability, and of course an updated list of system packages and Softwares.
      As the last release was compiled on LLVM/Clang instead of going for the conventional Linux Developers' choice.

      OpenMandriva Lx 3.0 Desktop


      Devuan Linux explained

      Hello guys, welcome to 13th segment of  "Introduction with Linux Distro". Today we have a Debian based distro as our guest. Devuan Linux is new to the Linux world. It can be a good lightweight option to your current system.
      Devuan Linux made it's way into Linux world on November 2014. It is making nice and steady progress from that time. The distro entered beta stage in April 2016. It is based on Debian Jesse. Let's see something about this distro.
        • The Looks : Well, considered looks wise Devuan can be good. It uses Xfce as default desktop environment which gives an advantage to people with old system. Xfce can also be customized to look more interesting. However Devuan also offers KDE as alternate desktop environment.

          Devuan 1.0 Beta 2
          Click to enlarge
        • Compatibility : Devuan Linux is available to 64 bit systems as well as older 32 bit systems too. So people with older systems can be happy too.
        • Strong Base : Devuan is based on Debian 8 Jesse. Debian is veteran player in Linux game. This is an advantage to Devuan Linux to have such an strong base to build on and also utilize Debian's repositories for easier package access.
        • Performance : Even though it is still beta, Devuan 1.0 beta 2 is very stable. There is one interesting thing about Devuan that it is not using Systemd while many other distro using it. Having Xfce desktop environment gives it plenty of lightweight and speed skill boost. It is nicely made and maintained when it comes to performance. 
        • Packages & Repositories : Devuan has its exclusive repository which is different from Debian. There are many packages which are forked from Debian. There are development of packages which are exclusively made for Devuan. It also mirrors Debian's upstream repository. Devuan uses Synaptic Package Manager for package management.
        • Media & Work : Devuan comes with preinstalled softwares for work, day to day life, media, etc. Devuan includes Libreoffice with office related work. It provides VLC for media support, gimp for photo editing and various other tools for easier life.
          Devuan 1.0 Beta 2
          Quod Libet music player in Devuan
        So guys, why not give Devuan a try? Recently some distro are made which are using Devuan as base. Devuan is still in beta buy we can expect stable public production release in early 2017. Help them to grow try it in VM first and if you like it you can make it your first  choice. This concludes the 13th segment of  "Introduction with Linux Distro". We will be back with more interesting and also new distributions in next segments. Stay tuned with us and as always, have fun with Linux.


        NethServer 7 RC3 released

        There is a good news for people running servers. NethServer 7 RC3 codenamed 'tiramisu' is released. People who don't know NethServer, it is Linux distro based on CentOS which is mainly made for server purpose. There are quite a lot changes made in this release before the final version comes out. According to the official announcement, NethServer is now based on CentOS 7.3 and it also introduced squid 3.5 to intercept HTTP connections at the beginning to determine whether to block or allow it. The previously used squidGuard is now replaced with ufdbGuard due to its lack of compatibility with squid 3.5. Meanwhile ufdbGuard is one of the best URL filters out there. Due to new squid 3.5, there won't be anymore untrusted certificate warnings, no certificate install pop-ups. It will allow smooth filtering of websites on HTTP and HTTPS.
        According to the official announcement, there are many more changes to be seen as follows:


        How to upgrade to Linux Mint 18.1 from Mint 18?

        Linux Mint, From a new comer to some pro-level fellows prefer it. The simplicity, readability, stability and at the same time the availability of Linux Mint in amazing DE(Desktop Environments) attracts users world widely. Well, I guess the intro was not needed but still, for our new-comers it should be here(Shouldn't it be?)

        Well, coming to the topic, How to upgrade to Linux Mint 18.1, the latest release from Mint team.Just days back, Linux Mint 18.1 released.So after the release of the update, Mint team also pushed the upgrade option for users already on Linux Mint 18.So here is how you can upgrade easily.
        Before proceeding, As Mint team has made an documentation over the way to upgrade to Linux Mint 18.1,as they said there "If it ain't broke, Don't Fix it", so on this comment we would say the same, don't upgrade if you are having no or very few issues, one should have good reason to upgrade.
        You might be thinking why so? Then answer is you never know what problems are waiting in the newer version. It will be a safe step to stick to a stable version with no issues. One will get the same package updates on Mint 18 as on Mint 18.1 will.
        • Launch Update Manager and simply click on the refresh button the top panel of the window, now after the update list update, see for 'mintupdate' and 'mint-upgrade-info' in the list. 
        • Now just apply the update if both are there, it will simply grab the upgrade option right in the 'Edit' menu.
          Linux Mint 18.1 Serena Update option
          There you can see an option to upgrade to "Upgrade to Linux Mint 18.1 Serena" just click on it and follow the screen as directs.
        So, this is the best and easiest way to upgrade to Linux Mint 18.1.

        BlackArch Linux 2016.12.20 released with 100 new tools

        BlackArch, the Arch Linux based distribution, focused on maintaining and bringing a great workplace for Pen-Testers and Security Researchers.
        (Image Source)
        As BlackArch is based on Arch Linux, as everyone knows Arch Linux is no joke at all. So, it gives a good competition to other Distros like Kali Linux based on Debian.
        Just some hours back BlackArch team announced the new release of ArchLinux 2016.12.20. With this new release more new tools and updated list of packages with updated system files are welcomed as well.
        What's New In BlackArch Linux 2016.12.20?
        Talking about the basic update what any new release must have, a fully updated list of tools and packages.With updated list of tools, BlackArch Linux made 100 new tools packed with this powerhouse, making over 1600+ tools in here.
        Linux Kernel 4.8.13 has been added, which is of course not the latest out there but surely a stable and recent release giving a good stability and security base to BlackArch Linux.
        Some fixes are made in the shutdown/reboot issues rising under lxdm.

        If you want to try something powerful with a big list of tools pre-provided, then BlackLinux worth space on your PC machine. One could also find BlackLinux better alternative of Kali Linux.
        Get the Latest BlackArch Linux From Here.


        Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon released

        Well, it is a Christmas gift for all Linux Mint fans. Linux Mint 18.1 is released a few hours ago. Linux Mint 18.1 is long term supported till 2021. It is currently available in two flavors i.e. Cinnamon and Mate.
        Cinnamon flavor of Linux Mate 18.1 "Serena" includes cinnamon 3.2. Screensaver in this flavor has been reworked in python. It is said to be more customizable and more responsive now. Cinnamon 3.2 now supports iio-sensor-proxy. It also supports accelerometers to auto-rotate screen. According to official announcement many more changes are made.


        NVIDIA 375.26 Driver released for Linux

        Well, with increasing users on Linux, the hardware companies and developers are showing more interest in providing support for their devices, not to lose the competition in this fastly crowding race.
        So NVIDIA has released new point update, NVIDIA 375.26 to their 375 series.Basically, this point update is focused on Bug fixes and support, we are not getting any new feature in there. Anyway, most of the latest NVIDIA cards were supported already and with this update now Quardo M3000 SE is also getting support.
        There are some major/minor bug fixes found in the previous version are fixed so far.Regression has been fixed which was causing the prevention to the backlight on some notebooks from turning on after making a shut-down.
        A major fix has been done with regression, with some GPU configuration the nVidia settings control panel was crashing, which is fixed now.
        A long-standing bug causing NVIDIA X drivers not to detect AC/Battery hotplug events is now fixed with this update.
        There are more fixes done with this update, you may get more details here on NVIDIA Drivers page.


        Manjaro Deepin 16.10.3 and various other updates comes in

        Not long after cinnamon edition of Manjaro 16.10.3, a community made deepin edition of the same kicks in. There are few changes made and lots of updates are included in this release. Deepin desktop is updated to v15.3. According to official announcement the following changes and updates are included.
        • Kernel Linux 4.4.36
        • Calamares 2.4.5
        • Chromium
        • Evolution
        • Libreoffice-fresh
        • Xarchiver
        • Deepin-Movie plus VLC
        • Deepin-Game
        • Gimp
        • Evince
        • Galculator
        • Xfburn
        • Manjaro-Printer
        • Xsane
        • Pamac
        • Lightdm-Deepin-Greeter
        • Dconf-Editor
        • Gnome-System-Monitor
        • Gparted
        • Baobab
        • Isousb
        • Yaourt / Base-devel
        Meanwhile, the team behind Manjaro made other changes in distro too. They removed insecure linux47 kernel. They requested users to change kernel version as they will stop developing for the linux47 kernel. There is also a good news, devs included Linux kernel 4.9-rc8 in repos. Python, Haskell, eric, PHP, dbus is updated.As per official announcement the following kernels are supported in Manjaro.
        Currently supported kernels
        • linux310 3.10.104
        • linux312 3.12.68
        • linux316 3.16.39
        • linux318 3.18.45
        • linux41 4.1.36
        • linux44 4.4.38
        • linux48 4.8.14
        • linux49 4.9rc8
        • linux-RT-LTS 4.4.32_rt43
        • linux-RT 4.8.11_rt7
        So guys if you are already on Manjaro then update your system to the latest version. We will be introducing you to a new Linux distribution in coming days. Stay tuned and as always have fun with Linux.

        You can download latest Manjaro Deepin from HERE


        Fedora 23 to be discontinued

        If you are a user of Fedora and particularly Fedora 23, then you should consider upgrading to the newer version before December 20th, 2016. Fedora 23 will be officially discontinued and there won't be any further support after that. According to sources after December 20th, neither there will be any updates in repositories nor any new package will enter the repositories. Fedora 23 won't receive any security fix or bug fix.

        As per Fedora project's policy, a certain version is discontinued one month after next two releases. So, Fedora 25 is here and thus it is the end of Fedora 23. So guys, it is highly recommended to upgrade your Fedora system to keep receiving important updates and keeping your system secure.

        To download the latest version of Fedora - Official Website


        Streets of Rogue : amazingly made Indie game

        Recently we introduced you guys with Itch. It is a great place for Indie fun. We also said that we will be covering some cool games. So today it is a treat for gamers (especially Indie game lovers), we are going to know a little about game Streets of Rogue. This game is developed by the person named Madguy a.k.a. Matt Dabrowski. According to him, this game has multiple genres like stealth, brawler, shooter, co-op, RPG, roguelike, etc. On the other hand, according to us, this game is pure fun.
        Streets of Rogue
        click to enlarge


        How to install VeraCrypt on Linux?

        Previously, we posted How to encrypt Data and files/folders on Linux.There we gave a quick view on VeraCrypt,a GUI based Encryption tool.
        We found that VeraCrypt is available only in archive tar.bz2 and not available in simpler to install .deb or .rpm formats, even on Ubuntu and other software stores are not availing the downloads of VeraCrypt.
        So here is a very quick and simple post on how to install VeraCrypt very quickly with just few commands typed by our keyboard.


        Korora 25 GNOME/xfce/MATE/kde/cinnamon downloads available now

        Korora Desktop with MATE
        Korora Sheldon,Korora 24 released back in July of this year and in this session of time-period,the Korora Project team worked on to bring Korora 25.Yes,downloads of Korora 25 in many flavours of DE has already hit the download sources database.It is available in GNOME,XFCE,MATE,KDE,CINNAMON.You can find all the downloads here on sourceforge.Though, there is no official announcement(s) regarding the release and features explaining news from Korora Team.But you can still get your favourite DE and can run it in VirtualBox.
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